Are you tired of mundane gifts out there in the market or are you trying to impress your loved ones in the most unconventional way possible. If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Right from the creative ideas of gifting to DIY hacks for customisable gifts you will find all that you will need to make your special day more special. Lets dive in straight into the list of 100 Gift ideas for your loved ones.

110 Crazy mails for your loved one

A matchbox sized post box that carries your secret message to your loved ones. You can create as many messages as you wish, the thing is each message has to be written by yourself.
A little crafting knowledge would help you in perfecting this gift or if you find the process difficult, then order the same through our website using this link 

250 Colorful love letters

There’s nothing more romantic than expressing yourself through a letter. We are sure that one letter will never suffice to express whatever is in your heart. That’s why we suggest you gift them loads of them. Yes, you heard it right. Gift your love 50 romantic love letters decorated in special envelopes and bags.

You could write your own letters on coloured papers, or have it printed out in your desired fonts. You could then decorate the same with colorful envelopes. You could do it yourself or have it ordered from Author Love through this link

3100 Reasons why I love you

There could be a million or absolutely no reason at all to fall head over heels for the person you are in love with. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your love.

Jot down your thoughts of all the tangible and intangible aspects of your love life and gift it to them. Try to write down 100 different reasons for your love for them in small papers. Make 100 rolls out of the papers and then fill them in a decorated box to gift it to them. Adding a personalized greeting card along with the gift will do the trick of romanticizing the whole concept.

If you find the process difficult, you could order the same with your own custom messages from this link 

4365 Reasons why I Love you

There could be a million or absolutely no reason at all to fall head over heels for the person you are in love with. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your love.

Jot down your thoughts of all the tangible and intangible aspects of your love life and gift it to them. Try writing down 365 reasons for you to fall in love with them. Make 365 rolls out of the papers and then fill them in a decorated box to gift it to them. Gift them the jar with a card and an inscription that could read “My feeble attempt at making you smile for every day of the year.”

You could also place an order for the gift through this link

5Love box photo chain

Gift your loved ones a box full of memories that will never fail to put up a smile on their face. Bring back the memories through your photos that show your happy moments together. Make a chain of your favorite photos together and stack them in a decorated wooden box. The gift will be ideal one for special occasions such as anniversary and birthday.

You could also place an order for the gift using this link :

6Love Cards diary

This simple but effective gift could turn out to be a fascinating one for people who love card games. Fill one side of the card with a photo and the other side with a relevant message. Combine the ideas in such a way that when the 52 cards are put together as a guide, the photo and the message matches.

Couple the card diary with an attractive greeting card to make things more romantic.

 You could also place an order for the same through this link

7Photo chain greeting card

Greeting cards with romantic quotes have become so mundane these days that we probably have to look out for other means to put a smile on the other person.

With the advent of origami and other crafting techniques into the gifting culture, we could revive the days of greeting card for your loved ones. 3D Greeting card mentioned here will involve simple DIY techniques which you can easily learn from the internet with a simple google search.

8HQ Love Photo collage

An expressive collage that is sure to speak a thousand words for itself. Instead of making a photo album of the photos of your loved ones together, you could put them all into a collage making one beautiful picture. Probably their close up or any of your photos together.

This extra-large collage could be made with the help of a software that you could get through a simple google search.

We are here to help you out, you can place order on our website 

9Testimony to your love

Make your mark on your house with this unique idea of photo frame made out of your and your partner’s finger print. The frame gives you the feel of togetherness while also standing out of other gifts in its own way.

You could have this gift made out with a simple photoshop knowledge after scanning your prints. Or you could also have this ordered through this link 

10Personalized name photo collage

If you are not much impressed with the ideas of the photo frames with photos and photo collages, this frame of your photos imprinted over your name as a collage will give a new look and feel to the frame itself. Add the bit of romance to your everyday life with this frame adorning your walls.

Design this your self or have it delivered at your doorstep using this link 

11In the arms of a sister

Kids of this generation are so gifted that they have got to witness the advent of cameras in their life at the early stages itself. With the influence of technology comes the possibility of having more photos of siblings together right from their childhood. You could use this advantage while gifting your sister for her special day. You could have all your photos made into a collage coupled with an inscription of your own style that best explains your relationship.

This gift could be a reminiscent of all your beautiful days spent together and also this could be done easily with simple design knowledge.

You could also place an order through this link 

12Forever your Daughter

Celebrating the special relationship between father and daughter, you could gift your daughter this frame that reminds her of how she was then and now. Show her how she will be your daughter always despite all the changes in her life.

This frame could be made with two of your photos that is sure to kindle some memories and some knowledge of Photoshop will do the trick.

Or you could place an order through this link 

13Couple name board

Throwback to your happy times you spent in your vacations using this couple name board frame. Have your name designed in your desired font and collage your happy photos into those name frames. You could swap your photos for each other’s names, which will do the trick too.

Little knowledge on photo designing and printout will do the trick.

Or you could also place an order through this link 

14The Love News Make Your Loved One Famous

Shout out your love for your partner through this unique newspaper frame. Show how your love is special through this frame that is equal to that of a newspaper cutting. The newspaper cutting helds your love story as its headlines while the article could go into the details of the same.

Some creativity in building up a story and little design knowledge could do the trick in designing this frame.

You could also place an order for the frame with your photos customized into it using this link 

15Other Frame ideas :

Below are other creative photo frame ideas that could adorn your walls despite staying away from conventional photo frames.  The list below includes frames for your partners as well as for your families. If interested in any of those frames you could use the link if available to place an order for yourself.

16Families forever

17All because two people fell in love

18Showcase the big day

19Family special

20Lovely memories

21The Love in family

22We go together

23My dad my hero

24The Journey of your relationship

25Special dates of your family

26The 12 of the best pictures

27Frame your story

28Friendship frame

29Family Frame

30Family tree

31Invite the beautiful soul


Preserve the toddler year photos of your children and make into a collage to show them how how happy you were to invite them into your lives.

This could make a perfect gift for your children’s birthday and also you could cherish these frames in your walls that makes it sure to kindle some nostalgia in you, whenever you see it.

Photoshop comes in handy in designing this frame. If you find the designing part to be difficult, you could also place an order for the same through this link

32The great times that you spent together

A perfect anniversary gift should remind you of your happy past. Instead of having the dates framed or having a collage of your photos, a much more creative way would be to show them the happy minutes that you have spent so far together, which could also be the entire time you have been together (after your marriage or after declaring your love)

Link to order the same : 

33Beautiful heart shaped portrait

Make a wall poster or a frame with a collage of your best photos together. Headlined with your name, this frame could make a perfect gift for couples who have been in the relationship for a long time.

Have this delivered to your doorstep using this link 

34Where our story began

Kindle those romantic memories by gifting them a piece of the place where you fell in love. It could also be the place of your first meet or the place of the proposal.

A simple design knowledge would do the trick in making these gifts.

With similar inputs, you could also order this gift through this link 

35The tale of two hearts

An ideal gift for the couple who fell for each other despite hailing from two different places or cultures.

You could design the frame yourself or have it ordered to your doorstep through this link 

36Photo initials gift

This frame would be an ideal throwback to your time spent together, with the collage of photos embedded with your initials.

You could have this frame designed by yourself, pouring little bit of your creativity too. Or you could also have this ordered through this link 

37Special day photo frame

Never forget the date anymore with the help of this frame. Make a collage of the memorable photos with a backdrop of special day of your relationships to make things more easier about remembering dates. Just kidding. We think this would be a more valuable romantic gift on your special day.

Design it yourself or have it ordered through this link 

Personalized / Customized gift ideas

Little bit of customization to the normal gifts is sure to make the receiver feel happier about the gift itself. Below are the customizable gift ideas to help you in gifting. 

38Photo Cushion

Pillow fights have become more romantic with the advent of customized pillow covers. You could have your favorite photos printed on your pillow covers and add more romanticism to your pillow fights.

Use this link from authorlove to customize your pillow or cushion covers 

39Key chain

Customise your everyday items with your love or the name of your loved ones. Start with keychains which we think could be an ideal gift for living together couples. Propose your idea of living together with this simple but effective customised keychain gifts.

Customise and have it delivered at your doorstep using this link

40T – Shirt


Thinking of going public with your relationship, let the world know your love for eachother through this beautiful t-shirts. Customise according to your wish and have them delivered at your doorstep using this link 


Speaking of customising household items, the list wouldn’t be complete without the mugs. Put a little bit of creativity in selecting and designing the photo for your mug.

Have your design printed on the mug with the help of any local gift makers or leave the job to this link and they will  deliver to your doorstep.

Below are the types of mug that are listed on

42Photo Mug

43Magic Mug

44Mr. and Mrs. Mug

45Name on Rice

        No matter how small this gift is, the cuteness of it never manages to diminish every time you look at it. Not only could you have your name printed on the rice, but you could also have your partner’s name printed on the other side of the rice.

You could have this done through any of the artist you know and have a keychain that magnifies the rice. You could also use this link to order the same 

Engraved wooden plaque

If you are fed up with hand painted and printed plaques, you could opt for these wooden plaques that stands out in the crowd of mundane gifts.

You could have your favorite photos printed on this plaque through the help of any local gift shops.

Or you could have this ordered through this link 

46Regular shaped

47Heart shaped


Photos on table and showcases are so old dated that you might need to switch to something more substantial to walk down the memory lane. The photo engraved crystal lights add the much needed aesthetic to your workplace/ showcase.

Below are the types of crystal gift items that are available on 


50Heart shaped


Fill your house with the light filtered through your memories. Walk down the memory lane every time you manage to switch on or off the light.

You could design the lamp yourself and ask any of the professional makers to cut it out for you.

By giving the selected photos you could also have it made by ordering it online through this link.

Below are the different types of lamp that are on the author love website 

52Rotating Photo Cube

53Cylindrical photo lamp

54        Rectangular Photo lamp

55Photo Cube lamp

56Pyramid photo lamp


Random gift ideas

Surprise your loved ones on their special day with the unique way of gifting. Customize your gifts accordingly to have them surprise the receiver. Most suggested ways are spicing up their everyday activity in the most creative way possible. Be it their car or their room, if it gets decorated without their knowledge on their special day, then it will surely be a surprise for them.

58Whole day Gift Surprise

Some gifts are big some are small but the gift that comes from heart is the best of all.  Wrap your love in 24 different packs and surprise your partner each hour on their special day. Your love and their expectations will grow each hour. Keep them engaged for the whole day with your love and surprises. You can add special messages, love notes, cute photos of your loved one and other  romantic stuffs to the pack. Make sure that the knots are not too complicated to unwrap 😛

59Car decoration

Celebrate your love by decorating your favorite car with all those romantic things your partner wish for. Be faithful to your partner’s taste because that will never fail to impress her 🙂 Don’t worry about perfection cause true love never expect perfection <3

60Photo bookmark

Customized bookmarks are the goto gifts for your favourite person who loves books. This makes sure that you will be remembered whenever they manage to use this gift.  This gift could be made using simple design knowledge.

61Craft – Ladybug

This teeny but cute little gift for your loved ones is sure to put a smile when gifted. Hide your secret message for them beneath the wings of this bug.  

62Love slider card

Bring your secret message to your loved ones using this slider. Learn the step by step process to create this link given. For more ideas you can visit :

YouTube link :  

63Balloon Curtain

The most simple way to create a surprise for a special day of your loved ones. Create a simple balloon curtain to impress your loved ones when they least expect it. Simple to create, this surprise is more efficient when you remember the date at the eleventh hour.

64Photo timeline


With nothing but simple threads and clips, this photo timeline will make you walk down the memory lane and will never fail to put a smile on loved ones.

65Kopie” a Miniature

Are you bored with gifting photo frames? Do you want something new, something romantic and something creative? Do you wanna take your love to the next new version by gifting something unique? Then you are reading about the right gift that you are looking for. Say goodbye to all formal gifts and join the next generation of 3D gifting. This 3d miniature will make you stand at the centre of the world. Feel the real value of your love in your hand. Gift this awesome miniature to your loved one on their special days like birthday, valentines day, Anniversary etc. You can place your order at 

66Breastmilk jewelry

To those people who wish to cherish their motherhood this memorable jewellery would be an ideal gift. This creative jewellery is made from something out of yourself, such as breastmilk or an umbilical cord.  The jeweller has been a pro in making jewellery for a long time, thanks to testimonials of the customers. You could go through the models of jewellery in the below mentioned facebook page, before narrowing down on one and placing the order.

You can place order here: 


67Agamograph Photo

Make this stunning agamograph photo by yourself by following the steps in the given video. The steps involve mixing two photographs to make a single frame. Both the images could be viewed from certain angles from the frame. Follow the link to know more 
Youtube Link
This gift can be made by yourself with the images of your own by following the instruction from the video.

68Letter scroll

Pour out your heart in the form of a letter, flip the message through your computer and have it printed on a parchment paper. Turn the paper into a scroll and have it sealed with a wax that reads “Hold up to a mirror”. Flipping the message gives a mythical feel about your love letter while the letter will look like it’s being printed in elvish language. The parchment paper gives the much needed royal look your love deserved.

If the idea of printing the letter in reverse doesn’t impress you, then you can have it printed the normal way with a normal wax seal. The parchment paper itself will cast the desired magic on your loved ones. You can do this scroll by yourself by following the instructions –

69Pop out box

You could make this simple yet impressive pop out box that pops out your wishes the moment they open the box. You could also put in some small gift items of your choice to add magic to the moment.

Watch the video for step by step instructions on making the box here: Youtube Link

70Message in bottle

Despite the ancient looking concept, the message in a bottle still manages to deliver the magic of romanticism when gifted. Have your message printed on any special paper or write it yourself ( that does touch the necessary emotions)

Your message on a fancy paper, a small bottle with a cork and some craft items to decorate the same will do the trick to make this amazing gift.

71Scrabble tile gift

Scrabble letters make you feel simple but actually it’s simply the best one kind of gift. Anyways arranging the tile in a way that your name in vertical and make sure the common letter must start with your beloved one name so that it looks more beautiful as shown in the picture.
You may require scrabble tiles and crafting instruments to make this gift.
Scrabble tile gift can be done by yourself.

72 Favorite map

Impress your loved one with this unique gift that represents the place where you proposed or the place where your loved one born. The heart shape in the landmark represents the location.
You can make this map panel by using simple crafting equipment like cardboard,  nail and string.
You can find the steps to make this gift here –

73Gift the name of your loved one in 3D

Amaze your girlfriend with 3d fonts. This gift shows your creativity, time and passion that you have for your love.  It hardly takes 2 to 3 hours for you to make this amazing 3d art.

To make this 3d art you need to have different sets of drawing pencils, Drawing sheets, grid sheet and most importantly you should need to know the basic steps and procedure to make this art.

If you want to gift this 3d art to your loved ones in a professional way, you can place your order at 

74Simple but romantic photo keychain

Carry your love where ever you go with this simple but romantic keychain. These keychain gifts are one of the most outstanding way to show off  your love.

A transparent keychain cover, photo sheet and printer is all you need to make these romantic keychains.  To make this product you need to get a transparent keychain cover in any of the online e-commerce sites (Amazon, flipkart. . etc) or any nearby retail shops.  And secondly you need to print the customized photo in particular size that fit the  cover. Your cute keychain is ready, simple but romantic right?

You can also place order at :

75Silver Anniversary Personalized Plaque

Only very few people are lucky enough to grow old together. Gift them this unique plaque on their silver anniversary and make their day even more special.

With little knowledge on printing techniques and the usage of right materials, you could design this plaque according to your wish. If you are running out of time or if you find it difficult to make it yourself, place an order for the gift at 


Preserve all your memories and happy moments in your lovely scrapbook. Gift a scrapbook to your loved one and ask them to make note of all the best moments you come across. Trust me, your eyes will be filled with happy tears when you read this scrapbook at your 60s

Are you an expert in hand crafting works? If so then you can customize your own scrapbook with creative ideas and romantic fillers.  In odd cases you can place for an order here :

77Beautiful Love Hamper

Spongy pillow and a hot mug always makes the best pair. Romanticize your loved ones mood by gifting them something that will remind you even when they go to bed after a tough day.

You can customize the pillow and mug with some romantic quotes, photos or with some naughty caption that only you and your partner would understand 🙂

You can order for mugs and pillows at :

78Fun Personalized Album

It is more fun to see all the wonderful collections at one place right? Make a surprise album for your loved one with the best pictures you have for them.

To make this beautiful album, all you need is the collection of photos that reveals the true fun and love. Customize the photos and create your own photo album.

(Source : )

79 Photo Collage Heart Clock with 15 Photos

Time and tide wait for none. Hurry up! It’s time to decorate your wall and love with this amazing clock. Customize this heart shaped clock with all the best moments that you always wish to remember. This clock with be the best reminder for your partner.  Place your order soon at :

(Source : )

80Blissful Romantic Photo Greeting Card


Gift your partner a romantic greeting card and make their days more blissful. There are N number of tutorials available on internet to make your own hand made greetings for your love.  You can also purchase custom cards online.

(Source : )

(Source : )

81Father’s Day Cutout Frame

Possibly the first superhero everyone has  admired is “Dad”. Nothing in this world is equivalent to a Dad’s love and care. Put smile on your superhero’s face on his special day (Birthday, Fathers day. . etc) by gifting him this awesome frame 🙂

(Source : )

82 Anniversary Gift


Celebrate your anniversary with all the romantic memories that happened throughout the years. This romantic photo frame will be a milestone for your love. Gather all the beautiful moment in one place 🙂

So do you need this romantic photo frame on your Anniversary? Cool. .  Place your order here for the one :

(Source : )

83Daughter’s Teddy

Parent-child relationship is always special and different from all of other relationships in this world. Getting gift for daughter’s birthday is not an easy task. Surprise your daughter on her special day by gifting this awesome Teddy-photo frame. Be a star on your daughter’s birthday.

(Source – )

84Rose Proposal 

Out of all flowers that bloom in this world, the rose is the most beautiful one. The beauty of a blossoming rose occurs when the gift of love is found. Surprise your love by doing something completely different on their special day (Birthday, valentines day, Anniversary . .etc). Pack these amazingly beautiful rose in a heart shaped box with a custom message in it. ( Source – )

85Mini photo Diary 

If your love life is worth living then it’s worth recording. Prepare your own mini pocket diary with all romantic and unforgettable moments. You can gift this to your loved one on their Birthday, Anniversary, valentines day and all other special days. Gift your partner this diary by adding your custom message, photos, quotes, wishes . . etc. You can place your order at 

86Homemade Origami Valentine Card Kissing Lips Popup  

Each kiss in relationship vow an endless bliss. Gift this cute kiss to your loved one and prove them how important they are for you. It will hardly take 15 mins for you to make this cute card. You can add romantic messages in this card. You can gift this kiss card to your partner on kiss day, valentines day, birthday and any other special day.

(Source – )

87 Date Night Jar 

Are you in a serious relationship with your partner? Do you go out often for a date?! Do you want to surprise your special person with a date that  they will never forget? Then go for something more unconventional and gift them this Date Jar. Add all your wishes and dreams to this jar and let your partner know how special they are to you. You can place your order at 

88Making Memory Candles 

Once in awhile, right in the middle of the ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. Are you planning for a romantic candle light dinner? Do you wish to impress ur life partner? The true happiness is watching your partners face glow in the softness of candle light. Gift your partner this amazing candles with your photos in it and make your dinner night more romantic and memorable. You can place your order at : 

(Source – )

89Cute Couple Rubix cube 

Rubiks and your love, both seems impossible until it is done. Do you want to know your importance? Do you want to know your priorities? Then just shuffle this rubik and ask your partner to fix it before the deadline expires.This brilliant gift will definitely motivate your partner and improve his love, focus, skill, patience and his problem solving abilities. Romanticise the puzzle by adding your favorite photos to the rubik. You can place your order at 

(Source – )

90Photo puzzle gift 

It’s always the small pieces that makes the big picture. The true love is also like a puzzle. First it is confusing and frustrating but when you figure it out, it’s a beautiful thing ever. Gift your partner this awesome puzzle with your favorite photo in it on their special days like birthday, valentines day, Anniversary. . etc. you can also place your order at 

(Link – )

91Explosion Box 


Are you good in hand crafting? If yes, then this is the best and creative one for you. Warp your love in this explosion box and put smile on your partner’s face everytime when they unfold / open it. You can gift this explosion box to your partner on  Valentine’s Day, Anniversary and even on Birthday.

(Gift Making Source : )

92Pop Me 



Remind your partner that he / she is the string to your balloon with this cute pop me gift. Add a message to your love in a piece of paper and leave it in an air filled balloon. Add romantic messages at the balloon top. Let your partner get surprised when he pops off the balloon.

93Wrap your message in Match Box :


It’s hard to be brought down when you have a balloon. Gift your partner this cute gift and add colours to their special day. It will hardly take 30 to 40 minutes for you make this gift by your own. All you need is a balloon, matchbox, thread, chart paper, glue, sketch pens, love and patience. You can also place your order at 

94Love lottery 

It’s time to bet on your love. Gift this game of love. You can’t win if you don’t play. Add cute message to your love lottery and let your partner get surprised on every scratches. You can place your order at : 

95Love in egg shell 

Is your partner an egg lover? Is your partner a vegan but loves eating eggs? Remove the yolk and add an amazing surprise message to the eggs. Are you afraid of drilling the eggs? Aahh no worries place your order soon at

96Super cute hand bands 

Wristbands gifted with love is always a great accessory for both men and women. Gift this band on your partner’s special day with custom message in it. Show Off your love with this cute and stylish band and stay in your partner’s hands forever. You can also place your order at :

97Kisses for you 

Blowing Kisses by / for the loved one is one of the sweetest thing in the world. Kiss your boyfriend even if he is not around you with this cute romantic gift. Sweet lips and good quality Lipstick is all you need for making this gift.

98Cutest Sister Ever Round Clock:

A brother-sister / sister-sister relationship is the most unconditional relationship. If you are lucky enough to have a sister then you just know how unique and special your relationship is. So on your sister’s birthday, surprise her saying thanks for being the cutest sister with this lovely clock. You can also gift this clock to your sister on some special days like Women’s day, sister’s day, Raksha bandhan. . etc

(Source – )

99Memorable Places 

Do you still remember your first meet and first kiss? It would be nice to let your partner know that you still remember that very special moment. Romanticize your partner’s mood by gifting them this cute photo frame. You can place your order at

(Source –’s+Day+Gifts+For+Him/articles/NM_lQRAYRMT/Memorable+Places )


100Five Senses

Waking up with sensible gift is always a bliss right?! Gift your partner the much need 5 senses (sound, smell, touch, sight, taste) and prove that you love them with senses. This will be a perfect present for anniversary, birthday, valentines day. This will also be a spicy surprise for your loved one on their special day.  The most attractive part is you can add varieties and much more creativities to your gift. You can add “chocolates” for “Taste”, “Dresses” for “Touch”, “Perfume” for “Smell”, “Wrist watch” for “Sound”, “Sun glasses” for sight. You can also place your order at

( Source :’s+Day+Gifts+For+Him/articles/BP6c63jYIGR/Five+Senses )

101Cute Story Frame

Everyone has a love story but very few will celebrate it. Are you one such people who celebrate your love in daily life? If so then this awesome photo frame will be a good milestone reminder for your love. Showcase your love by framing it. You can place your order at

(Source :

102Pop-Up Valentine Card DIY

Are you in a long distance relationship?! Gift your hugs and keep your love alive and strong. These Hugs will be a sweet reminder to your partner, saying I will be always with you in all situations. It hardly takes 30 mins for you to prepare this card for your love. You can also place your order at

(Source : )

103Handmade gift for future wife 

The best gift a man can give to his woman is his time, attention and love. Surprise your future wife this awesome handmade hearts with custom messages and prove that you are proud to have them.

(Source : )

104Gift for chocolate lovers 

Love may be the best medicine but sometime you need a dose of chocolate. Wrap your love and gift your loved one this awesome choco cake on their birthday, valentine day or on any special day. This choco cake is a symbolic representation of saying that your partner is sweet, delectable and so satisfying. Like love, chocolate is always a delight to receive or to give 🙂

(Source : )

105Creative handmade mug gift for long distance love / friend 

Long distance relationship always needs extra love and care. This awesome mug gift will be the perfect pick for someone with whom you are in long term relationship. It can be your friend, life partner, sister, brother, colleague. .etc. All you need for making this gift is plain white mug, marker, location map layout. It will only take upto 20 mins for you to make this gift. Strengthen your long distance relationship with this creative coffee mug.         

(Source : )

106“I Love You” Key Lock Design Keyring Key Ring Chain

Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness. Gift this awesome key chain to your partner on their special day (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day ) saying “Only you can unlock the key to my heart”. You can place your order at :

(Source – )

107Personalized Best Friend Jigsaw Piece Key ring Heart Set Unique Gift Friends Lot

Sometimes people who are thousand miles away from you, can make you feel better than people right behind you. Yes, there is always a magic in long distance friendship. Gift your long distance friend this awesome key chain and prove them distance means so little when someone means so much. You can place your order at

Link – 

108Handprint photo frame gifts for parents 

No love is greater than Mom’s love, no care is greater than Dad’s care. Do you have one such caring dad and lovely mom? Gift this awesome handprint photo frame to your parents on their special day (Anniversary, Birthday, . etc) and say them that they will be always with you, like a handprint in your heart. You can place your order at :

109Cute gift for Minion Lovers 

Are you looking gifts for a Minion lover? Is your kid a super fan of Minion? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Gifting a minion fan with crazy minion gifts is always fun. Hurry up, make your own minion holder gift in less that 30 mins for your crazy kids, friends. You can watch the making tutorial here : Youtube Link

110Simple but sweet Lolly gift for kids 

A little lolly goes a long way. We are not Joking, we are not kidding, we are not playing. Trust us, this will be a perfect gift for your tiny recipient. You can gift this to your kid on their special day (Birthday) or on any of their special moments (When he/she ranks first, When they act smart, obedient. . ect ). It will only take 5 mins for you to make this gift but these little butterflies will surely stay in your kids heart forever.

111Creative gallery wall gift 

A good life is a collection of happy moments. This creative gallery wall gift will be a lovely milestone in your relationship. Each picture that you added to the wall is worth a thousand words. You can surprise your loved one with this amazing gift on their special days like birthday, Anniversary, valentines day. etc. Be a happy memory collector.

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