Take it emotionally, just read these thoughts | Sad love story | you will opt for both the buttons – sad and love


All passionate love afairs are by definition liesAll passionate love affairs are by definition lies!

Sad love story (1)

It was the last Goodnight that he texted her. Least did he know that the next day won’t be even a bit sober

Sad love story (2)

Words were all that he could cling onto. Far away from each other it was their phone, made it through

Sad love story (3)

It was love that fed her. She had given up on food days back. Her breath choked her at times. Her world was about to crack

Sad love story (4)

For every tear that kissed her lip, He was among the loved ones in her mind

Sad love story (5)

She remembered him in her blood-full cough. But she donned a smile

Sad love story (6)

Thought for a while. “Could it be more peaceful if it wasn’t his love?”

Sad love story (7)

She made false promises of her “forever”, her words revolved around a lie. She knew it since months, that away from him, she would fly

Sad love story (8)

Some lamentable time in that night, she ditched him for death

Sad love story (9)

Broke his heart in two. Yeah, She was unjust to him, But was her love a lie too?

Sad love story (10)

She didn’t give him a chance to visit her dead bed. “I wish I’d know”, is all that his sullen eyes said


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