A Step By Step Guide On How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend



1. Cool down, woman!

couple arguing

Yes, we all lose our temper and end up saying stuff that we don’t mean. Before you learn how to apologize to your boyfriend, you need to first chill down yourself. Have you ever seen someone offer an apology to boyfriend when they are still in a fit of rage? Of course not! So, give yourself a couple of minutes to breathe deeply again. Cool down your temper and let your heart beat normally. If deep breathing doesn’t work, sit down at one corner of the room and hug that photo frame where you were smiling with your hunk. This always works!

2. Analyze what just happened

woman thinking

Now that you are relatively calm, try and look back at the whole situation. The best thing to do would be to try and take a look from an impartial third perspective. This will help you to see where you went wrong. Try to remain unbiased and unemotional. If you find that you did something wrong or acted in a bad way, try and ask your self why. This is your moment of self-introspection; seize it and make it matter!

3. Own your mistake

woman thinking

This just might be the most terrible and toughest of all steps.  When you want to master ways to apologize to your boyfriend, you need to first learn to accept that you are wrong. It is often hard to accept that you are at fault, but it becomes the easiest thing once you do. Pick one of your favorite memories of your boyfriend and then it warm you and take you to a happy place in your relationship.. Now, open your eyes and ask yourself, would you rather win an argument to preserve your ego or keep that guy who melts your heart just by the way he watches you in the hallway?

4. Make eye contact

couple talking

Sometimes the best way to express yourself is by letting your eyes speak. You simply have to make eye contact. There is no way you can escape it;let your eyes seek forgiveness. Let your eyes tell him that you are sorry for what you did and that he means more than one silly argument. You should be brave enough to look him in the eye and express the strength of your love for one another. If he is the true Romeo you have been falling for, you will win half of the battle  right there.

5. The three golden words – I am sorry

i'm sorry

Just do it! “I am sorry.” You just need to say these words out loud. Once you have formally apologized, there is no room for hidden hurt. Even though you may think that your boyfriend is your soul mate and that he can read your eyes even when they are veiled under the layers of makeup, it doesn’t hurt to be upfront. Once you speak these words, both of your hearts shall begin to heal.

6. Take responsibility

i'm sorry

Do you really know what sorry really means? A sorry is like a promise that you make, seeking to reinstate the bond of broken trust once again. You have made a mistake and you need to take the vow that you are not going to do it again. Don’t run away from what you say! Make sure that you let it sink in. Accept where you went wrong and let your partner know that you are mature enough to deal with it and move on.

7. Make amends

couple talking

Half stories hurt the most. It doesn’t do to almost fix the damage yet recklessly leave a little opening which prevents the heart from truly healing. You need to patch it up completely and seal it with kisses of love. Romantic, eh?  You need to make amends for the mistakes you made. A quick meal, a little sorry note, a handwritten love letter… these all serve as promises to never make a mess of your love life again!

8. Talk it out

couple talking2

Don’t leave anything unsaid. The odds are high that when you will be off to your bed, your guy will look at the ceiling in his room and wonder why you behaved the way you did. So, let him know everything that you are thinking and feeling. Also, le him speak so that you can hear how you hurt him and then assure him that your love for him is way stronger than any of these arguments. You need to win back the trust that made your eyes shine.

9. Kiss and make up

couple kissing (3)

If you believe talking is overrated, you are really going to love me for this piece of advice. When nothing else works, a kiss always does. Get on your tiptoes and steal the perfect kiss. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Silly Simple). This is the best way to rekindle the old romance and let your guy know that you both are cool. If he kisses you back and his eyes get all smoky like they used to, you have every reason to grin. You don’t really want me to elaborate on what you need to do to make your boyfriend smile and mean it? Girls have always been smart on picking up on hints, haven’t they?

10. Date night

couple watching tv1

Finally, end the day on a high by turning it into the perfect date night at home. Plan a little surprise at home. Put on a mushy chick flick and crash in front of your TV set with a big bowl of popcorn and a pizza, and let this romantic night back together seal the deal. With the love of your life in your arms,and sumptuous pizza spread on the table, nothing can go wrong!

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