What’s the most inexplicable experience you’ve ever had?



Ques: What’s the most inexplicable experience you’ve ever had?

Ans. Me and my girlfriend were staying at a Guest house in South India. A cottage/Guest house in jungles, accessible by road though. Just wanted peace and silence, some time alone.

It was evening and we were just talking to each other and discussing normal stuff. She was standing on one end of bed and I was sitting on the chair, on other end. Door was locked and there was no staff there. The guest house guy used to come much later to cook dinner. In the conversation she told a joke. And we laughed. And suddenly someone else laughed from the centre of bed, right between us.

We froze like .. I mean i have no words to describe that. Even as I write this, I can still feel that creepy feeling I had that day. It was the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. She shouted so loudly and ran out. I followed her and we stayed outside for a minute or two. Then I came back and checked the room. Obviously there was no one inside.

We waited for the guest house cook to come and told him what happened. He said ” It is possible. There used to be an old Cremation ground here for the village. The village people moved to city over the time and all this land was sold and built over. ” My girlfriend refused to enter back. We spent the night out sitting in a wooden shed kind of thing and morning I went inside, packed everything and left the place.

Never experienced something like that ever !

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