Long Distance Relationship |Short Story


long distance relationship

Somehow, if I get to fluctuate the time and geographical space between us. From a different time zone, probably from future, I would have came back to this very moment and right now sitting next to your bed, I would have read your face minutely as the light from the mobile screen falls on your face and brightens it up. I would have seen you talking to me over the texts on what’s app, perhaps you are reading this text only.
And then I would have brushed your hair off your face. Making it more readable. You are still reading the text and I see you smile. I see you go through all those expressions one after the other.
“Let’s go for a walk,” I would have asked you, cupping your cheek.
You wouldn’t have responded to it, as you are talking to me over texts.
However, a part of you knows that I’m sitting next to you and that part of you splits from you and cups my cheek back. That part of you looks straight into my eyes and I know the answer. I slowly unfurl my hand in front of it and it holds my hand. It looks exactly like you, it feels exactly like you. She is wearing the same dress as you are. The hair are tied similarly. Everything is same. Except the fact that it is a part of you.
I hold your hand and start to walk downstairs. You are not questioning at all. You are walking beside me.
“Won’t you ask where am I taking you?” I ask as we reach the main gate.
“I thought we are already on a late night walk when I stepped down my bed grabbing your hand,” you smile and say.
I somehow unlock the door and we are under the ceiling of stars and universe. Talking as we walk through those empty roads to find an Ice-cream vendor. Both hoping that it is really far far away. And we talk more about things that make no sense. You kiss me in the middle of the road. I kiss you in the middle of the road. As we broke the kiss, I notice that my hands are sweaty.
I try to leave your hand.
“Don’t,” you say.
“But I’m sweating,” I say.
“That’s what tells me that you are nervous and that it is all happening for real, perhaps not in this universe, but somewhere in the parallel universe.” And then you look at the sky and say, “the parallel universe where the sky looks exactly like this.”
We both kiss again.
It all happens while you finish reading this. It all happens while we have this whatsapp conversation. It all happens while we both are lying in our beds far away, where the conversation ends when one of us sleeps after losing the battle with sleep.

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