I have been single all through my life | A short cute love story



He : I dont want to talk to u anymore.
She : Why ?
He : Your friend Harshita n I have been talking for months now we both started liking each other.
She proposed me yesterday.
She : So ?? What did u say ?
He : I accepted n she asked me to stay away from other girls.
She : We r bestfriends since childhood right??
He : I am ready to leave even my bestfriend.
She : how can u say this to me, Arjun?!
He : See Varsha, I have been single all through my life n now when love knocks my door, I need to open it and for that, I dnt care for anything else.
She : Offline..
He: Called her 5 times.
She : Cuts the call every time.
Tears rolled down her cheek.
He opened Whatsapp Again
She : I Love You
HE : haha
She : Why are you laughing?
He : Guess
She : how will i know?
He : I just wanted to hear those words from you.
I love you too n I just can say that a thousand times!
She : Harshita ?
He : I never spoke to her .
She : Stupid, Idiot. I hate you !
He : But I love you.. <3 

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