10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl




  1. Be creative, and be yourself.
  2. The glowing of the candles sets a mood for a night full of romance and is one of the most perfect scenes to propose.
  3. Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time.
  4. Pick a day that has special meaning to you both
  5. Edit and compile a short lovely movie which pop up the special question and screen it during the interval. It should be fun to see her reaction.
  6. Get a t-shirt with the text “will you marry me” or “Do You Love Me”
  7. Plan a perfect plan for a picnic.
  8. If you know she listens to the radio at a certain time everyday, making a dedication will work charms with her
  9. Hiding yourself in a box wrapped with gift paper can be a big surprise to her
  10. If you can’t express your feeling or you are afraid of rejection then you can use banner for proposing a girl.
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