What’s the most unattractive thing a woman can do?



Not standing up to her family for the guy she loves.

Guy and girl love each other. They spend a few blissful years together – madly, passionately, adorably in love. They even start planning their future together. Then suddenly, one day, the girl’s family breaks her the dreaded news! They have started fixing meetings with potential grooms for her arranged marriage. The girl, now out of options, reveals her relationship to her family. The family gets mad with rage. They order her to immediately break-up with the guy and never call him again. The big guns of emotional blackmail and parental pressure are brought out and the girl is pinned into submission.

At this juncture, a lot of girls choose to fight. To stand up for their love. To face their families with full conviction and convince them of their unwavering faith in their relationship. But most of the girls just give up! A couple of weeks of emotional blackmail from their mother, and they pick up the phone, call the guy and tell him –

“It’s over!”

Just like that.

I find this truly and utterly horrible. Please think of the guy whose heart you are about to break. If before getting into a relationship, you already know that when the time comes, you won’t have enough guts to stand up to your family for the guy you love; then don’t fall into that relationship in the first place. Because that day would definitely come. And when it does, you will fail your guy, breaking his heart into a million pieces in order to honor your family’s wishes. And that innocent guy, whose only crime was to love you with all his heart and soul, would be left with nothing but the shards of a broken past and memories of a shattered dream.

– Author Love

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