The beautiful game of love | Read till the end


“May I dance with you, beautiful lady?” Like a gentleman, Vrajesh confidently requested with a smile.

“Sure!” Meera smiled and joined his hand positively.

Vrajesh, the guy in a black suit, gently held Meera’s hand. Both walked towards the dance floor.

Soon, with a romantic track, their steps started moving.

“You’re truly a gentleman, dear!” Meera complimented.

“I see. So, that’s the reward for asking a beautiful lady to dance.” Vrajesh acknowledged.

“Someone sounds impressive as well.” Meera proceeded her positive words.

“But, your husband doesn’t think the same,” Vrajesh came closer to Meera and whispered, “He’s giving me killer looks since I asked you.”

“Ha ha ha! Oh, don’t worry about him. He will get little bit jealous for a while.” Meera explained while dancing to a slow, yet romantic music track.

“Aha! Must say, you know him very well.” Vrajesh added.

“Well, For that, I don’t even need to look at him.” Meera added, “Right now, he might be having a fork in his hand. It must be facing downward in his left hand. Plus, he’ll be acting like he is not watching at us. But, I’m damn sure he has taken multiple hidden glimpses.”

Vrajesh scanned and found Meera’s words accurate about her husband.

The music track ended. Vrajesh gently escorted Meera to her table. He kissed Meera’s hand and complimented, “Thanks beautiful lady.”

Meera smiled and moved her head vertically. Further, Vrajesh glanced at her husband and said, “You’re so lucky to have an adorable wife, Mr…?”

“Raj. Mr Raj.” Raj answered.

“Okay. Mr. Raj, glad to meet you. Enjoy the party.” Vrajesh added his final words and walked away.

“What a sweet guy!” Meera complimented.

“What sweet? He looks kinda like a jerk who traps girls. Look at his face. And, for you, everyone is sweet except me, right?” Raj quickly interrupted.

“Trap girls? Raj, I’m 70. Who will be interested in trapping an old woman. He complimented about my beauty like you do. Gosh, I feel so young and beautiful today. Don’t be so jealous after 45 years of marriage.” Meera expressed her feelings.

“Beautiful? Yesterday, you were upset about being old with wrinkles and all that stuff. All of a sudden beautiful today, huh!” Raj argued.

“Yeah! That was yesterday, not today. I feel different. And sweetie, now can we order anything to eat? Please?” Meera demanded.

“Only if you won’t dance with anyone without me! Deal?” Raj asked for a deal.

“Okay my old man. Deal.” Meera confirmed and added, “By the way, I still love it when you feel jealous and insecure because of me. That’s so sweet!”

“What? Sweet? Huh! I was not jealous. It was just…leave it. Let’s order the food.” Raj ended his words.

Then both of them ordered food and had a candlelight dinner.

Later that night, Vrajesh received an SMS which read – “Thanks Vrajesh. She feels more confident and beautiful now. Thanks for doing everything for me.”

“I just followed your lead. Anything for you uncle Raj!” Vrajesh replied.

That’s how an old man played the beautiful game of love.

– Author Love

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