Why did you marry me? | Awesome Love story of Raj and Meera


97463884“The girl is a doctor and guy is an engineer.” said Raj pointing at a random couple on another table.

“How can you be so sure?” asked Meera.

Raj replied with confidence,

“Can’t you see?
She just ordered Bisleri water and he is drinking tap water.
She looks decent and refined. He has rough look.
She has a book with her. He is empty handed.
Since she reads a lot, she wears specs. He has no specs.
And finally, she ordered healthy food but just look at his plate and…”

“Slow down, buddy,” Meera interrupted, “Do you really think engineers are rough and careless?”

“Of-course they are. Don’t you feel the same way?”, Raj responded.

“I’m an engineer,” she said, “I ordered Bisleri water, not you. You can see I’m looking decent here in my new specs. I can read all the books I get with my library card. But on the other hand, look at you, Dr Raj. Drinking tea in a stall glass. You haven’t shaved today, or I daresay, yesterday either. It’s been three months since our marriage, but still… yuccckkzz…”

Raj looked into Meera’s eyes and took hold of her hand and replied,

“Well, that’s why I married you. You complete me, not as a Doctor, but as a human and as a man, by way of all of your wonderful qualities, my love.”

Meera was speechless. Two minutes previously she had asked Raj a question that he seemed to ignore. Now she had the answer to that question,

“Why did you marry me when you could have married a doctor?”

– Author Love

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