Cute-Baby-Mom-Kiss-Love-Full-HD-Wallpapers-e1458023994870When no one is with you , when everyone leaves you even your husband your so called life partner , the only person wipes your tears and soothes your pain is your mother . She calms herself to make u happy and that the sacrifice no one can give in for you .
Nothing can replace her presence ….if she is not around world is more tragic than before . She is the light in my world .. she is courage and happiness for me . Cant live without her because she never leaves you even u fight or gets angry because she knows u are her child . She loves u more cares for you when your life partner or anyone else gives u a damn and leaves u to die alone …. she pampers u even though she gets old ..
I love my mother … she shares gossips , fun, my dreams , sorrows and happiness.. she is my best buddy in this world <3 – AuthorLove

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