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Once there was a girl..teenager. she was very aggressive but very kind by heart. One day a person entered her life.
And she fell in love with him. But there was a problem with him. He was about her father’s age. She gradually realized her feelings about him. She wanted to tell him but she knew that there will be no future. Also it is not fine destroying someone’s peaceful and happy life. So she finally decided not to tell him. But she took one more decision and that of not marrying anyone her whole life..neither HE nor anyone else because she realized that he cannot be replaced by anyone in her heart. She wanted to become a scientist and work on theories given by Einstein. She devoted herself fully in her work. Also she remained in touch with HIM as a caring person. He also took her care …but as his child. And she loved that. Finally her work succeeded and she invented so awaited “The Time Machine”.
So guys…it is not always about getting ur love in life..or moving on if u don’t get it. Sometimes it is just about living with them..not physically but mentally and heartily. Someday somewhere…they would definitely meet as soulmates.. if not in this life maybe in some other life.
By one of our readers (not sharing name due to privacy)
Please feel free to share your love stories either real life or fictional. We ll publish it with your name.
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