Love Relationship, Friendship and Lust. Which is better?

People tend to confuse love relationship heart emoticon with friendship. I hear people saying that Friendship is better than love and so on.
According to me, a couple cannot be true lovers until they are close friends. They both are sharing each and everything between them, aren’t they close friends? Everyone will be having many number of friends, at least five or six. Now tell me who is special, The ONE or your friends? This is a bit hypothetical question but yes obviously we ll choose that ONE if we had ever felt what true love is. I agree that Friendship is best and has its own merits. But there is a magical feeling which adds up in to Friendship which is what i call it as “LOVE”. 
Another bullshit topic going around is mistaking Love and Lust. Do you know some thing? Love is important in sex life too. Sex without love just means strong feeling of lust. Lust should be a part of Love not the other way around. But still there are few peoples who uses the word “Love” just to satisfy their Lust. I don’t want to talk about them.
In general, Love means everything like friendship, attraction, affection, lust, caring, etc.
Friendship alone cannot make love or Lust alone cannot be love. Love is always unique. 
Love is better than EVERYTHING between a girl and a guy heart emotiheart emoticon
I know many of you people reading might not agree with my thoughts (like the one posted below) but no offence, its just my perception.

Please bear my grammar mistakes! I am no #Shakespeare 😛 

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